Thursday, 8 August 2013


7th August 2013


I will never forget Saturday 6th of July 2013.

That was the day I woke up for the last time in the visitors’ room of the home I shared with my husband for almost 10 years. It was 7 o’clock in the morning. I just got up, got dressed, picked up my baby boy, picked up my bag, ran down the stairs and grabbed the car keys and got into the car and drove off for the last time out the gate and straight on to the Highway to Heaven.

It has been a month and 2 days today since then and I am still racing along on the Highway to Heaven headed to my destiny.

Today, after my morning exercise and prayer, I felt moved by God to start writing again and to do so immediately. Two days ago, God revealed to me that my time had come to serve Him and fulfill the calling He proclaimed on me when He called me to life.

God wants to use me to help women become like me.

Who am I? What is so special about me? Why would I even imagine that I am all that? Why would anyone want to be like me? Those are the same questions I’ve been asking God since He told me what He wanted as I pondered what the repercussions of presenting myself to others as a role model, a mentor, a leader, a matriarch……an inspiration, would be.

His answer was that He is pleased with me and He wants women to know what it takes for God to be pleased with them. Actually what God wants is for us women to desire to please Him and not anyone else.

Before I got on the Highway to Heaven, I was searching for a missing something that I did not know how to find. Looking back now I realize that what was missing in my life was someone to look up to in adoration and whose approval of me would satisfy me.

I have realized that women, of whom I am one, are motivated only by the desire to please someone. I have also realized that all the problems that women face result from trying to please anyone other than God. Throughout my life, I have lived to please everyone around me who mattered in my life, in an effort to find that one person, who would respond to my efforts in a way that satisfied me. I therefore always ended up betrayed or disappointed.

I have also realized that men, of whom I am not one, are motivated only by the desire to overcome endless challenges. I have also realized that all the problems that men face result from trying to overcome life’s challenges without turning to God for help and thus being overwhelmed by the challenges. Those who seek God’s help find themselves successfully tackling endless challenges.

A woman will never know what she wants until she does what God wants her to do. And when she does what God wants her to do, she then knows who she is and she is set firmly on the Highway to Heaven.

My calling is to rescue women from whichever other highways they are currently on and get them firmly on the Highway to Heaven.

The women, like me, who live on the Highway to Heaven:-

1. Know what God wants them to do; and then
2. Do what God wants them to do; and then
3. Know themselves

Woman, do you know yourself? Would you like to know yourself?

I for one can proudly declare to you right now, this minute, sitting on a bed in my mum’s house, as a refugee, with my daughter sound asleep next to me, in the middle of the day when am supposed to be at work and instead stayed home because of a security threat in my country, that:-


I thank God every day for that gift of me knowing who I am. It is a gift that I want to share with the whole world. Sharing this gift means telling you what I did to get to know me and letting you see in me what I tell you about me.

Whether or not you agree or do the same is not the issue. The issue for me is that I share my gift with you BECAUSE that is what God wants me to do AND I want to know more of me AND to know more of me, I have to share my gift with you as God has told me to. That is my calling.

So here I go.


  1. If you want to know the will and the voice of God, you must devote time and effort to cultivate a love relationship with Him. Don't try to bypass this because that is what He wants. To read more on this visit - God speaks in different ways blog.

    1. what you dont know is that women are not like men,we have traditions that make us vulnerable and in need of uplifting,you will rarely find a broken man stuck at home with three kids no job and zero self confidence.njeri has a tough job dont assume and speak on Gods behalf without personally hearing Gods mission over njeris life

  2. wooouh...touching,moving...challenging me to start living new!!!God bless you and increase your strength dear!

  3. Thank you Njeri for that inspiration...