Tuesday, 13 August 2013



Every last Saturday of every month from 3.30pm-5pm, starting Saturday 31st August 2013,  I will be holding chat sessions for those who are reading this blog to come and meet together and chat about the blog.

At the sessions, I will meet with you, tell you more about me and answer any questions you may have for me.

For those who cannot make it, do not despair, I will let you know what’s happening. 

For those who can make it, do not despair, you will not be named or shamed. I do not keep secrets about myself but I greatly respect the privacy of others who entrust their secrets to me.

I am here to help. Come and let us reason together. With God’s help, I can help you.

Let us discuss the truth about the lies. Let us agree on what we can do to save our marriages (the ones we have and the ones we don’t have) and our children from being destroyed by lies.

Women who live on the Highway to Heaven, live on the bottom-line. The bottom-line is where the truth is. Let us get to the bottom-line together and see what’s there. This is the adventure of your life-time. Do not be left behind.

This is an open invitation. Anyone who wants to come is welcome.

Men are most welcome. We need you. Yes, we do. Honestly, we do.

Critics are welcome. We need you. Yes, we do. Honestly we do.

Non-Christians are welcome. We need you. Yes, we do. Honestly we do.

Please send me an email confirming your attendance. Venue and dress code will be communicated later. Oh yes, we have to have a dress code. I want to see drop dead gorgeous people at the sessions. It is going to be fun. 

Life is meant to be fun, lots of fun.

Entertainment for kids will be arranged so you can bring them if you like. Transport by air, land or sea can be arranged if needed and if the numbers allow.

This blog is not about me and my husband, it is about me and my God. If you think my God is awesome, then dress to impress this awesome God. I love dressing to impress God. Consider these sessions a date with your Maker and if you have to borrow an outfit and make-up and all, you do it!

God before us, we shall succeed and make this world a better place to live in. Imagine a world where people tell the truth always. Religion and denomination do not matter. God is our God; all of us together. That's how come we are here together.

Do I hear anyone wanting to sponsor the sessions? Please email me if you like my blog and can help with anything.

Our own Heaven on Earth.  God can do it for us. He wants so much to do it for us. We cannot do it but God can do it. All praise and honour and glory to Him because He is the one who is able. Not us.

It starts with us believing and saying YES, it can be done. Let us do it for us. Not for anyone else. For US. We deserve it. We are the ones who are here now. Let us change for ourselves, not for an imaginary future generation.

Woohoo!! The Year of Jubilee is here and it’s happening in Kenya!! I knew there was something special about this country of ours. Let us be the first nation to welcome the truth in, around and among us.

Hallelujah! God is GOOD.

Summary for This Lesson:-

A lot more can be talked about than that which can be written about. This world is ours. Let us take possession and responsibility for all that is ours. Let us choose truth over lies.

Tip for this lesson:-

Just come as you are. Just be ready for change because God, will change you.

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