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I am really looking forward to the chat session coming up and preparations are already under way.

At that session, the quorum necessary is only 2 people. I will definitely be there and I know it is God’s will that I am. If one other person shows up, we will be able to do what is required. God only needs a minimum of 2 people to attend a meeting of minds and do something spectacular.

The focus at the chat session will be on our minds and what we can be able to do with them, if only we refuse to lie, no matter what. I will go first and am sure when you see what happens to me, you will be falling over each other to give it a try then we can pair up everyone and do it all over again together. I told you it will be fun. Child-like fun.

This is what life is all about; mind games.

The journey that I am on, on the Highway to Heaven, is a journey as deep within myself as I can go which I am sure is to infinity and beyond! I am hoping that at least one other person is willing to join me in this journey because I cannot go alone. The minimum number required is 2 people.

I have put my hope and trust in Jesus to make the quorum and maintain it for as long as is needed for us to reach our goal of getting people to change their minds and agree to stop lying and tell the truth. I know that I will not be disappointed. Jesus is a crowd puller.

The idea is for me to expose myself to a battery of questions about myself and to answer the questions as truthfully as possible, making every effort to be completely honest. The other person/people will be the ones asking the questions.

I have never met anyone as open as me when it comes to talking about life. Actually I believe that my openness is the secret weapon God inserted in me when He created me and it is the one that caused the Holy Spirit to come running to my rescue in that hospital room.

God is light. In Him, there is no darkness at all. God is looking for someone who will not scatter off like a cockroach when the lights come on. He is looking for someone to be the light that shines brightly in the darkness that this world has become. Someone who is defenseless and willing to take the blame and be accused of anything because it is when we are weak, that He is strong.

I am so open that when my sister-in-law heard about what was happening in my marriage, she said that the thing that would destroy our marriage was my big mouth. That was what my husband told me she said and he emphasized just how emphatic his sister was when she made that declaration to demonstrate that I was the problem, not him.

I was shocked but by that time, I had heard so much of that kind of reasoning, I was quickly able to understand what she meant and am sure that by now you understand what she meant. And you might agree with her. I do not know what too much talking is when it comes to telling people about what I have experienced in life. I am like a little child on that. You know how little children are so open to the point of embarrassment? I am like that about myself. I enjoy being honest. I love the feeling it gives me to tell everyone about what I saw!

Women who live on the Highway to Heaven know that talking is what God wants them to do.

That is why He has always used messengers and prophets. He inspired people who could talk to write the books of the Bible which some people are unable to read from cover to cover because it is too big. Jesus could talk all day until the people He was talking to were hungry and exhausted! Look at how pastors and teachers of the Word behave. Some of them talk us to sleep and others talk us out of church but they are all talkers.

God wants us to tell about what we have seen and heard. In fact, He expects us to do that. Obviously some level of decorum and civility is required but as obscene as the world is, avoiding being graphic can be a tough call. Even just talking about the crucifixion of Jesus rouses some unpleasant emotions on the listeners.

According to my sister-in-law, my reaction was the problem, not my husband’s actions. I was in a tight, tight corner. The blame fell squarely on me. I was the woman of the home. It was my duty to ensure that my home is intact. Even the Bible says that somewhere, doesn’t it? So because I was the woman of the home, my husband could do whatever he very well pleased and it was up to me to ensure that whatever he did was kept private between just me and him and no one else knew about it. I hope you can see just how chaotic a mind that can reason like that really is.

How can sleeping around with other women be private between you and your wife? But it is, isn’t it? We don’t talk about it, do we? Do wives talk about their husbands sleeping around? No. Never. Everyone else can talk but no, not the wife. She has to protect his dignity as the father of her children whereas he can do whatever he pleases with her dignity as the mother of his children. I was expected to understand that. I just couldn’t. That’s why I had to give in. The pressure was too much for me.

I don’t know how many times my husband repeated that statement about keeping the problem private, saying it in so many different ways and each time leaving me in ?!@#!!! He called his sleeping around ‘our problem’. For instance, he could ask me whether so and so knows about ‘our problem’. And then if someone he was complaining to about me not performing the wifely duties I used to perform told him that perhaps he needs to do right by me so that I can reciprocate, he would say that the problem between him and me is private, just between me and him and if I ask him to do anything he can choose whether or not to do it. That was his prerogative. He could not understand why I changed when I found out about his affairs!

I was supposed to continue doing what I always did because anyway, nothing had changed except for me knowing something I did not know but which was still happening when I did not know it and I still did those things that I was now refusing to do!

Maintain focus please.

Are you seeing just how long a sentence I have to write to describe how a lying mind thinks? What we want to do at our chat sessions is to shorten the answers to questions about life. By doing so, the explanations, justifications, excuses, arguments, debates and discussions, in other words, STRONGHOLDS, that I am unable to identify on my own, can be identified in the presence of God without whom such a venture would be futile.

In the process, you will help me become more open than I already am; imagine that. Me, being more open than I already am with you? What does that mean? How much more open can a mind be? Might I then be able to tell you things about yourself that you never told me? You just never know. I don’t want to guess but I think this is an experiment that you do not want to miss.

A simple question like: How old are you? Has become such an issue to deal with that people don’t want to be asked that question! Why? Think about this particular question. What’s wrong with people knowing your age? If you are a person whom such a question makes uncomfortable, you should be able to picture the strongholds that go through your mind when you contemplate an answer to that question. Even if for you the question is not private, you have an idea why some people are private about their age. Can you see the strongholds?

Do you realize that there are some people who actually believe that when they sleep with others who are younger than them, that makes them younger? And so for them the age question is such a problem because they don’t know their age or rather, their age is determined by the age of the person they are sleeping with?!

My assignment is not an easy one but it is one that is very easy for me because God has given me everything I need, to do His will. He has given me a spirit of power and of a sound mind. And so, I can do this.

Try me. 

Summary for This Lesson:-

Talking is your God-given right and do not let anyone take it away from you. Just say what you need to say. God will protect you as long as you are telling the truth.

Tip for this lesson:-

Practice talking to yourself about something private as if you are praying. How does it feel to talk? It should be liberating. If you cannot talk to anyone about it, tell God. He already knows.

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  1. Help me talk out my story! these story seems to be repeating in so many women's lives