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If it is true that you lie, you die, then it is also true that if you stop lying, you will live.

It is important at this stage that you understand the difference between living on the Highway to Heaven and living on any other highway. Once you understand that difference, then you will understand the meaning of the walking dead.

In my lying days, I was a walking dead. I thought I was living but in fact, I was dying.

What was killing me was lack of knowledge. God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. I did not know who my enemy was; the one who was preventing me from becoming the person who I imagined and dreamt that I was meant to be. That enemy seemed to be everywhere I went setting up invisible road blocks and barricades to stop me from getting what my heart desired.

Now I know that my enemy all along was the father of lies. He was responsible for everything that had gone wrong in my life from before I was born until the moment I figured him out.

The lies I told and the lies that were told to me overpowered me. And what the lies did is this: they robbed me of my God-given ability to receive love and give love. You cannot live on the Highway to Heaven until you know who love is so that you can receive Him and pass Him on. Love is real. He is a living being. To receive love, all you need is to believe in Him i.e. that He exists; and believe that what He says is true.

Like I said earlier, love and lies cannot co-exist. They cannot ever live together. Only one of them can live inside of you. Once you welcome lies into your life, love departs. Once you welcome love into your life, lies depart.

Living on the Highway to Heaven is all about re-claiming the gifts of the Spirit that my enemy ruthlessly and violently robbed from me. The robbery began long before I was born. The gifts of the Spirit as I told you before are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control. Nine wonderful gifts which, if I can have in good measure pressed down and overflowing, I can have a life that is exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ever imagine or ask.

These gifts can only be re-claimed progressively. That means that you claim love first, then joy, then peace etc until you have self-control. I do not yet know what will happen to me when I have re-claimed all these gifts fully but I know that whatever will happen is soooooooo amazingly good that it is something worth dying for. Since death to me at this stage is really not much of a choice, I choose to die for these gifts. There is nothing else worth dying for in my world. At this stage, I have successfully re-claimed love. Love is the center of my life. Since the move, I re-claimed joy. Now I am in the process of re-claiming peace.
The first three gifts: love, joy and peace, are for me when I deal with myself. Patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness are for me when I deal with others. Humility and self-control are for me when I deal with God.

I can only imagine what I will feel like when I see myself fully endowed with those gifts. If I am so happy and complete now……….what will I be then? Only God knows and that is why I have given my life to Him so that He can make sure I get there. But you know what, I will never get there really. I am living on the eternity clock. This is a never-ending quest in which I just keep getting more and more and more and more of all these gifts every day forever. I truly will never be the same again. I am being transformed into someone I cannot wait to meet.

For those of you, like me, who have children and those of you who want to have children, there is a very, very important point for you to grasp here. The point is that your success in re-claiming the gifts of the Spirit is the success of your descendants. The lies you refuse to tell; your children will not tell. The lies you agree to tell; your children will tell. The lies are always the same. Only the situations change. Same script; different cast.

Look at your parents and ask yourself whether you are truly any different from them. Your resemblance to your parents goes deeper than the physical. It permeates to the emotional, spiritual and psychological realms. Do not be deceived. What you choose to do today affects all of your descendants. No man is an island.

I used to look at my mother, who, when I first met her, was a village mad-woman. I would ask myself how she could have gotten like that. About 5 months after I left the labour ward having had my 3rd born child, I found myself in a hospital room under the care of the same psychiatrist who was treating my mother! Lo and behold! What the…….? That was the greatest aha moment of all aha moments ever. To see yourself in the same pit that you used to stand outside of looking in on your mother, or father, wondering how she or he got there and why she or he cannot just climb out!!!!

That was the day I knew just what had happened to my mother. She had given her hope, dreams, expectations, values, everything she had in her, to the world. She thought that the world could produce a man, woman or thing that could satisfy her. That thought, which was a lie, had established itself, engraved itself in her mind so strongly that it took hold of her life and brutally destroyed it.

Such a thought is what is commonly called, a stronghold. That stronghold is what had got me to the same place as my mother. I know you don’t want to even hear this because I didn’t; but the truth is that strongholds are inherited. As surely as they took hold of your ancestors’ minds, they will take hold of your mind. The question is whether you have within you, the will that it takes to break a stronghold. You can choose to either be killed, have all your God-given gifts stolen from you and destroyed by a stronghold, or you can choose to break it and live. My ancestors obviously took the former choice and going by the state of the world today, I can see that even today, majority of us are taking the former choice. Strongholds exist for only one purpose and that is to kill, steal and destroy.

At that moment, when I saw myself becoming exactly like my mother, realizing that my beauty, my law degree, my law firm, my money, my employees, my children, my mum, my siblings, my properties and assets, my everything worldly could not save me; and then imagining my children falling into the same cycle I had fallen into, is the moment I decided that it ends with me. The thought that any of my children would ever lose their minds like me and like my mother before me ad infinitum, sobered me up completely and I gave up the fight.

From that day on, I decided to live and die for a better me. I decided then to be one of the ones who others who fell for that stronghold could turn to. I signed up for duty in the Army of the Lord. I am a soldier in the army of the Lord. My orders are to go out and tell everyone I know what the Lord has done for me and lead everyone who is willing to listen, to find Him so that He can do the same for them.

Summary for This Lesson:-

Give up lies for the sake of your children.

Tip for this lesson:-

Look deeply into the eyes of your child (or any child that you know and love) and ask yourself whether you are willing to die for that child.

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