Thursday, 8 August 2013



Life is made up of many different situations. Every day is a new day. Every day presents a different situation from any other day. Every woman needs to learn to know what God wants her to do, then do that which God wants her to do and then know herself in the process; every day.

And in this way, a woman gets to KNOW more and more and more and more and more and endlessly more of herself every day as she develops the gifts of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness faithfulness, humility and self-control and realizes her destiny.

There is no woman alive today who does not want to know herself.

I am here to teach the women of the world, how to know themselves.

The beginning of this lesson is to know that there is only one God. The one, true living God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego and Daniel and David son of Jesse and Isaiah ad Jeremiah and the Father of Jesus, My Saviour. He alone is God and beside Him there is no other.

I apologise if you find that statement hard to believe and/or if it offends you in any way. I am here to tell you the truth about how I know who I am and this is the truth. My journey to knowing who I am began with knowing who God is first and where to find Him. This is my story; not yours so do not let it disturb your peace. Let it just teach you about me.

To know what God wants me to do, I must do three things, every day:

1. Pray to God to show me what He wants me to do; and
2. Let God lead my hands to open my Bible and let God lead my eyes to read; and
3. Listen to the thoughts and messages that enter my mind as I read.

I purpose to do these three things every single day without fail and if I fail, I start again every single day without fail and if I fail, I start again every single day without fail, until, I get to know what God wants me to do.

This is the gateway to the Highway to Heaven which leads to eternal life. It is a never-ending cycle. God is infinite. He will never run out of days for me to live. He will never run out of things for me to do. He has created me just like Him as an infinite being who can never exhaust in her knowledge of herself.

Imagine that. I am endlessly explorable. Every time I think I have found something outstanding about myself, something new takes over. I have become to myself the most interesting person I know. I don’t want to know or be with anyone else other than myself. I can never know myself enough. The more I know myself, the more I want to know of myself forever and ever amen.

Summary for This Lesson:-

Begin every day by praying, then reading your Bible. Do this so that you shall know what God wants you to do. Then, do what God wants you to do. Do this so that you shall know who you are. Whatever it is that God wants you to do is what will show you who you are. You will never ever know who you are until you do what God wants you to do. You cannot know yourself any other way.

Tip for this lesson:-

First, pray to God to reveal to you what He wants you to do in this day, then open your Bible to whichever page your hands lead you to and read the section in that page that your eyes lead you to. Do this with a mindset of prayerfully seeking what God wants for your day and focusing more on the thoughts entering your mind rather than the words that you are reading.