Thursday, 8 August 2013



The first thing that I did when I discovered what my husband had been doing is to stop lying completely.

I used to lie to people. I was not a pathological liar but I was comfortable with some lies. I believed that I needed to lie. I was a fearful person. I feared being myself. I thought that if I said what was in my heart all the time, I would be harmed in some way. So I needed to lie.

I lied because I did not want to be hurt. What a fool I was!

The truth does not just hurt; it hurts like hell. But the hurt you get from truth is nothing compared to the hurt you get from lies. This is precisely because the hurt you get from truth is only temporary; it only lasts as long as it takes you to change.

Do not be deceived. The hurt you get from lies lasts for ETERNITY!

It was so painful to tell the truth when I was so used to lying to defend myself against the world. Even now, sometimes, rarely, thankfully, I still get fearful and tell a lie. I have not yet been able to be completely truthful with everyone, all the time.

Being truthful in a world ruled by lies and deception is like going to war against Goliath with just a sling and one stone. Understand that Goliath is not the war. Goliath is just a battle and yes, a sling and a stone will slay Goliath and win you the battle.

The war however, is much bigger than Goliath. The war requires much more than a sling and a stone. It requires complete obedience to God.

Complete obedience to God is what I strive for. It is what motivates me. It is my drive. I do not live by bread alone; meaning, I do not just obey my physical hunger. I also live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; meaning I also obey my spiritual hunger.

Women who live on the Highway to Heaven desire only to please God and what pleases God is obedience.

For me, a lie is not just an outright untruth. Any lack of honesty is a lie. If I know that you have misunderstood something I have said to you, I will endeavour to clear up the confusion so that I am satisfied that you truly get me.

The effort to clear things up arises from the fact that the fear I used to have that drove me to lie has now been replaced by an adoration that I have for who I have become which has overpowered the fear and which makes me hate lies. I hate lies. I love me. I love that I can never be overcome by lies. Greater is the power that is in me than that which is in the world.

Women who live on the Highway to Heaven are not fearful. They are adorable.

I stopped lying because, as I prayed and read my Bible, the Holy Spirit told me something I had never ever known about lies. He told me that the reason I had been lied to was because I lied to others.

Have you ever been fully conscious of the wise saying: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW? I am and so I do not lie.

Understand that the saying you reap what you sow does not mean that if you do not lie you will not be lied to. No. It means that if you do not lie, lies told to you cannot hurt you or harm you in anyway. In other words, if you do not lie, you are under the protection of the truth and any lies told to you cannot have any power over you. Hallelujah! No weapon formed against you can prosper.

The truth will guard you and save you from falling or being in any danger and from harm. The truth will cover you with His wings and you will be safe in His care. The truth will protect you and your descendants for thousands of generations to come. Thousands will fall dead beside you; ten thousands all around you but you will not be harmed. The truth will take the lies and turn them around to your advantage. The truth will turn tables around for you so that you will always be the head and not the tail.

Lies will expose you to all manner of dangers that you cannot control or save yourself from. Enough lies will kill and destroy you. Lies can and have destroyed generations. The ripple effect of the hurt that comes from lies is uncontrollable. It persists for up to four generations of your descendants.

When you lie, you hurt others and if those others do not choose to change and instead choose to hurt, they perpetuate the lies and the hurt until the day when someone, anyone, someone like me chooses to change and declares that the lying will end with him or her and stops lying completely.

Lies cannot be stopped by human power. Humans are powerless against lies. Lies are so close to the truth that detecting them requires more than common sense or intelligence. There is absolutely no lie that does not have any truth in it. Lies can only be stopped by supernatural power – the power of the Holy Spirit. Success in the war against lies is not by power or might but by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit also told me another very powerful truth that sounded strange to my ears. He said that only a person who does not love herself or himself is able to lie. Did you get that?

To know whether you love yourself, check whether you are comfortable with telling lies. If you are comfortable with telling lies, then know that you do not love yourself.

Believe it or not, that is the truth. Love and lies cannot co-exist.

The same applies to the people you lie to. You cannot lie to anyone and then tell her or him that you love her or him! You cannot love someone you lie to. You cannot lie to someone you love. If you can lie to someone, then know that you do not love him or her.

The same applies to the people who lie to you. A person who lies to you cannot love you.

Love is a choice. You cannot choose to love and to lie at the same time. You either choose to love or you choose to lie.

With those lessons from the Holy Spirit, I stopped lying. I got hurt and instead of letting the pain hurt me, I let it change me. The change in me was so awesome, I even chose to forgive. I was so happy with who I had become that I had nothing at all to say to the one who hurt me into becoming me. When I said thank you and tried to help him, he did not understand.

In his world, I am the one who is hurting and I am the one in danger of being destroyed. I am the one who needs help. Not him. Never.

Lies are powerful enough to kill every living thing and destroy the world. It saddens me to know just how powerful lies are by seeing what they have done to my husband. It gives me joy to know that there is a power greater than the power of lies and that there is hope for my husband and for the world; if only enough of us can choose to stop lying.

Women who live on the Highway to Heaven DO NOT LIE. They do not lie because they want to live and not die.

You lie, you die.

Summary for This Lesson:-

Stop lying for your own good. Choose love over lies.

Tip for this lesson:-

You can have the life you want to have if only you stop lying. Nothing else will work. Just stop lying. That is the only price you have to pay for the life you want to have. Believe me, nothing more is required of you.


  1. You know what Njeri,,,i totally agree with you when you say that telling the truth is painful but it only lasts for a short while...but come to see of this,,,that sometimes discipline is hard to keep but the outcomes are sweet...i think that your lessons are changing me each and every second...i had come to feel like letting go of everything because no one appreciated me...felt lonely and always in the know,,,keeping all the pain inside my heart and not getting anyone to listen to me but myself,,,made me see nothing good about me,,,but you know what...after I've read and meditated over this lesson,,,I've got some strength to rise up and start dreaming again.THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Catherine. Am glad to have changed your thinking. I pray you find peace and joy.

  3. Njeri, I have read 3 of your lessons so far, am heading on to the fourth, probably I will be through your lessons before the breaking of dawn.Thought-provoking for men also. I urge you to consider turning these lessons into a Kindle or Book.